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Security and Prescription Paper
Features Include:
  • Exceeds Federal CMS Guidelines
  • 3 Levels of Security
  • 2 Background Colors; 072 Blue or 342 Green
  • 2 Standard Formats-
    Sheeted: 8 ½" x 11", 11" x 17"
    Padded: 4 ¼" x 5 ½" horizontal or vertical
  • Custom Formats are available!

Security Background: The word "VOID"appears when copied.
Erasure Protection: Security background will expose attempts to alter.
Backprinting: Lists the security features contained in this paper.
Microprinting: The SecureScript border can only be read when magnified, will become unreadable when copied.
Security Watermark: The SecureScript ghost watermark can be viewed when held at an angle.
Coin Reactive Ink: The SecureScript watermark turns grey when rubbed with a coin.

Level One Security Features Plus:
Thermochromic Ink: Magenta ink on the back will fade or disappear when rubbed or exposed to heat.

Level Two Security Features Plus:
Chemical Reactivity: The paper will reveal a blue or black stain when treated with bleach, oxidizers, polar and non-polar solvents.
Fluorescent Fibers: Yellow fluorescent fibers are embedded in the sheet and are only visible when exposed to a blacklight.
Toner Adhesion: The paper contains a special coating on both sides to prevent "lifting" or "removal" of laser printed toner.
Medicaid Prescription Paper Requirements
CMS currently requires all Medicaid Prescriptions to be printed on Tamper Resistant paper. States have the option to add or customize their respective requirements. SecureScript provides a Tamper Resistant paper that exceeds CMS Standards for most states. If you have any questions regarding a specific state requirement, call us or check with your local or state governments.

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